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Safety Tech

Job Title: Safety Tech
Location: Waynesburg, PA
Department: Safety
Reports To: Manager, Safety

Job Specific and/or Technical Skills Required

Thorough understanding of the principles of safety, federal and state laws as they relate to mining, occupational health regulations as they apply to the mining industry and basic computer skills.

Required: Minimum 3 years Mining Experience

  • BS Degree in Safety Management or related field
  • PDM certification (or ability to obtain certification)
  • MSHA limited or unlimited instructor card (or ability to obtain certification)

Major Responsibilities:

  • Facilitates the operation’s respirable dust sampling program and health programs in accordance with the MSHA respirable dust regulations. 
  • Works with operations management and safety staff to effectively collect respirable dust samples and maintain compliance. 
  • Uses the PDM (Personal Dust Monitor) and gravimetric dust pumps to collect and submit all required respirable dust samples for DO’s (Designated Occupations), ODO’s (Other Designated Occupations), DA’s (Designated Areas) and DWP’s (Designated Work Positions) as required by MSHA.
  • Maintains all respirable dust sampling instruments. 
  • Assists in providing training to miners as required on Mine Ventilation plan respirable dust requirements and parameters, PDM usage, dust sampling requirements, PPE and equipment operator’s best practices for reducing their exposure to respirable dust. 
  • Maintains an effective respirable dust sampling program and relationship with MSHA and other government agency representatives. 
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of dust control measures on sections. 
  • Identifies and communicates to operations management and safety staff any procedural or equipment changes to improve respirable dust compliance. 
  • Monitors and audits required shift dust record books and other records established in the MSHA dust regulations to ensure compliance. 
  • Remain current with newly promulgated rules and regulations and Program Policy Letters, from MSHA or other regulatory agencies and assist operations with understanding and complying with them in the most efficient cost-effective manner possible that obtains the most value for the safety of the miner.
  • Conduct all work activities in compliance with Federal and State laws and Company policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.

Iron Senergy is an equal opportunity employer.

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