Emerald Reclamation Efforts Lead to Pennsylvania Coal Alliance’s 2023 Reclamation Award for Best Overall Project

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Iron Senergy is honored to have received the 2023 Reclamation Award from the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance. The recognition for “Best Overall Project” acknowledges Iron Senergy’s outstanding reclamation efforts at the Emerald Mine, a mining operation that has undergone a remarkable transformation under our stewardship.

The Emerald Mine, acquired by Iron Senergy in December 2020, had lain dormant since its closure in 2015, with little attention given to its reclamation. Embarking on a visionary journey, Iron Senergy initiated a comprehensive reclamation and repurposing initiative in September 2021, setting the stage for a remarkable turnaround. A total of 77 structures at the site were meticulously demolished and reclaimed, breathing new life into the landscape.

In a gesture that resonates with the community and underscores our commitment to innovation, Iron Senergy has rebranded the once dormant site as the “Greene Energy Center.” This transformation not only pays homage to Greene County but also signals our dedication to pioneering sustainable and forward-thinking initiatives.

At the heart of our transformative efforts is the establishment of a state-of-the-art frac sand transloading facility, a result of a strategic lease agreement with Smart Sand, Inc. Operations at this facility commenced in January 2022, marking the beginning of a partnership set to transload over 1 million tons of frac sand annually. This not only invigorates the local economy but also opens up new avenues for rail business, benefiting the Norfolk Southern railroad.

Our collaboration with Smart Sand, Inc. aligns seamlessly with Iron Senergy’s commitment to innovation and fostering economic growth. The facility, located at the former Emerald rail loadout, now serves as Smart Sand’s Northeastern hub for last-mile storage and transloading solutions, enhancing efficiency and accessibility for the entire operation.

The vision for the Greene Energy Center extends far beyond sand. Iron Senergy has ambitious plans for the site, including the development of solar energy projects. Multiple interconnection applications have been filed with PJM for utility-scale solar endeavors, showcasing our dedication to creating a hub for diverse and sustainable energy solutions.

The Greene Energy Center is more than a project; it’s a testament to Iron Senergy’s vision for responsible development, economic growth, and environmental stewardship. As operations unfold and new chapters are written, this initiative is set to redefine the landscape, creating a lasting legacy of positive impact for Greene County and beyond. Stay tuned for the unfolding story of progress at the Greene Energy Center.