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At Iron Senergy, our greatest asset is our team. From the skilled miners who embody generations of mining tradition to the innovative minds driving our operations, we are united by a common goal of striving for excellence each and every day.

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From the leadership and experience of our executive team to the unmatched work ethic and drive from our entire team, Iron Senergy’s commitment to responsibly creating tomorrow’s energy today is just part of what we do. We are more than an energy company; we are active supporters of our local communities and advocates for our nation’s domestic energy independence.

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Intramotev ReVolt Operating at Iron Senergy Cumberland Mine

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Iron Senergy Facilities


Cumberland Mine utilizes both room & pillar and longwall mining in our operation. At the 4th quarter of 2023, several infrastructure enhancements were completed, allowing our underground team to successfully move into the West Greene District, extending the life of the mine for the next 30 years.


The Prep Plant is a core foundation of our operation, transforming raw coal into a valuable resource. Through our advanced process, the prep plant cleans, sorts, and sizes the coal, ensuring it meets quality standards of our customers. Our Prep Plant facility also contains our raw coal stockpiles, warehouse and clean coal loadout.

Coal Refuse
Disposal Area

One of the most significant investments to Cumberland Mine is the construction of Coal Refuse Disposal Area #3. The new disposal facility makes full use of the plate-and-frame press that the plant already has in place. This new facility helps demonstrate our commitment to being more environmentally and socially responsible.


Iron Senergy also owns and operates our own 17-mile short line railway that transports clean coal from our Preparation Plant in Kirby, PA to Alicia Harbor, located in Alicia, PA.

As of 2024, the Cumberland Mine Railroad was the longest privately owned railroad in the United States.


Once completing the process at the Prep Plant, all of Iron Senergy’s coal is transported 17 miles from the Prep Plant to Alicia Harbor, where it is loaded onto barges along the Monongahela River. This then allows our team to then deliver to customers locally or the ability offloaded at our Labelle facility.

Also located along the Monongahela River is our LaBelle facility, which provides robust ground storage and the ability to load both Class I railroads. Conveniently located, LaBelle offers access to all east coast export terminals.