Iron Senergy


Through technology, protocols, training and culture, Iron Senergy stringently upholds the highest safety standards. Accident-free is our goal as we make Iron Senergy a safe and healthy place to work.

Safety Is Our #1 Goal,
Before We Produce Coal.

Safety First. Safety Always.

Safety is our top priority, ingrained in every aspect of our operation. At Iron Senergy, we continue to invest in advanced safety technologies, implement best-practice safety protocols, and continuously train our team to uphold the highest safety standards. Our goal is for every miner to go home each day accident free.

A Safety Culture

We believe in having a safety culture that emphasizes the importance of safety in everything we do. Our team members have the right to a safe and healthy place to work, and encourage all team members to speak up when they see any potential hazards or concerns. Our goal is to make Iron Senergy a more safe and better place for everyone.

Mine Rescue

Meet Our Award Winning Mine Rescue Team

“Our mine rescue team trains and competes at a skill you hope you never have to use.”
– Brett Balabon

At Iron Senergy, our appreciation and support of our mine rescue team cannot be overstated. We are incredibly proud of our team for their hard work, unwavering dedication and commitment to be their brother’s keeper.

With their continued training and mine rescue competitions, our rescue team continues to make us proud. Their achievements are a testament to their exceptional abilities and the values they embody.