Empowering Progress: Iron Senergy’s 138 KV Transmission Powerline

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At Iron Senergy, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone after nearly a year of dedicated construction efforts, we have successfully energized our ambitious 138 KV Transmission Powerline, marking a monumental achievement for our organization.

This accomplishment is the result of relentless dedication and close to five years of meticulous planning and execution, starting from the initial order of materials back in 2018. The powerline extends our power westward from the existing #6 Bleeder/#11 Shaft site, where West Penn’s transmission lines conclude, to our newly established #9 Bleeder Shaft and Fans. This expansion paved the way for the launch of LW 76.

Currently, the powerline is energized to 25 KV, designed to 138 KV standards for future expansion. Notably, it represents the furthest west 25 KV line in the southwestern portion of Greene County. In contrast, West Penn exclusively provides 12.47 KV (residential power) in this area of the county, making our development a significant step forward in the local power infrastructure and sets us up to continue to further expand our power supply westward as we continue to expand.

A unique feature of this project lies in the sourcing of the powerline poles. We obtained these essential components from a lumber company in New Brighton, Minnesota. Crafted from Douglas Fir, a robust and resilient wood variety, the powerline comprises a total of 109 poles. The largest of these poles is an impressive 105 feet tall Class H4 pole, engineered to withstand a substantial 8,700 lb horizontal load at its apex. This pole is securely installed 12 feet in the ground and boasts a diameter of over 2 feet at its base.

The majority of the poles that form this impressive powerline reach a height of 90 feet. This meticulous selection and installation of materials showcase our unwavering commitment to quality and durability.

The completion of our 138 KV Transmission Powerline is a testament to the dedication, innovation, and vision of Iron Senergy. It signifies our unwavering commitment to expanding our power infrastructure to support our operations, and we are already seeing the positive impact it is having on our organization and the community. Without this powerline we would not be able to mine the longwall district we just started, and we would not be able to expand our underground work any further.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we continue to shape the future of energy at Iron Senergy.