Iron Senergy helps keep Greene County day camp free for kids

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The Greene County day camp program for kids had always been available for free, but a budget crisis within the county meant that they were going to have to start charging kids to attend. That’s when Iron Senergy stepped in.

After a public drive to raise money for the day camps fell short, Iron Senergy pledged to cover the remaining deficit. We’re also paying for the swimming portion of the day camp, so that no child has to pay to swim.

From Greene Scene magazine:

According to Jeremy Rafferty, the Land Manager for Cumberland Mine, “Iron Senergy’s Cumberland Mine has been a member of this community for 44 years. We know first-hand how important the Summer Day Camp is to families and kids. When we heard about the possibility of families not being able to afford the fee, we knew we had to act quickly and provide assistance to support this program.”

In addition to the Day Camp donations, Iron Senergy will be funding substantial operational and aesthetic renovations at the Greene County Water Park.

Greene County Commissioner Mike Belding said, “Greene County is fortunate to have industry partners, like Iron Senergy, as we weather the counties financial issues and get back on firmer economic ground. We value their investment in our youth summer program and swimming pool renovations and look forward to continuing a strong, positive relationship between our communities, industry partners and the county.”

We’re grateful for the opportunity to help a local organization and do something to positively impact local children and families.

If you know of another organization in need of a sponsorship or donation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.