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WAYNESBURG, Pa., April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Iron Senergy (“Iron”), the owner and operator of the Cumberland Mine located in Greene County, Pennsylvania, recognizes Senator Robert P. Casey’s concern for the Pennsylvania coal industry and its workforce. Through his recent press releases, Senator Casey has made it clear that the continued operation of coal-producing assets, like the Cumberland Mine, is in the “best interest of our nation.” Iron could not agree more and believes it is important for politicians like Senator Casey to bring attention to coal’s critical role in our national security, the reliability of our electrical grid, and lifting large portions of the world’s population out of energy poverty.

Unfortunately, the issues of coal production and coal-fired electrical generation have long been the focus of partisan politics and discourse, often at the expense of communities like Greene County, Pennsylvania. Senator Casey has made it clear that he will fight for the miners, families and economy of Greene County. We need strong voices in Washington that dare to reach across the aisle and fight back against the regulatory regime that continues to challenge the ability of coal producers and coal-fired utilities to do business, including without limitation, the EPA’s Ozone Transport Rule, Effluent Limitations Guidelines, and especially the Carbon Rule / Clean Power Plan 2.0.

Justin Thompson, Iron’s owner and Chief Executive Officer, issued the following statement:

“I appreciate Senator’s Casey’s acknowledgement of the importance of the coal industry. Over the past ten years, however, Pennsylvania has lost half of its coal mining jobs. For that reason, I am inviting Senator Casey to visit our operations as soon as it can be arranged to discuss his support of the Cumberland Mine, which as Senator Casey notes, has been a large employer in Greene County since the 1970s. I am proud that Iron acquired the Cumberland Mine three years ago and deployed over $130 million in capital to extend the life of the mine and save over 700 jobs that would have been eliminated based on the closure plan of the previous owner. Senator Casey speaks of the need for coal miners to be certain about their future. So long as Iron continues to own the Cumberland Mine and can operate it safely and compliantly to serve a performing market, Iron stands ready to fight for the certainty of the coal industry.

Countless wars rage around the world over the control of energy assets. We are blessed in the United States, particularly the Appalachian region, with abundant natural resources. Iron and other fossil fuel companies are willing to do the hard work required to harvest those resources safely and productively and to continue serving as the economic cornerstones of our communities. However, we need a regulatory environment that supports us rather than hinders us, as the greatest threat to the continued operation of coal assets like the Cumberland Mine is bad federal and state policies, which are forcing the premature retirement of coal-fired power plants and causing the loss of jobs like those supported by the Cumberland Mine. I look forward to meeting and working with Senator Casey and other officials to promote sensible “all of the above” energy policies that provide a future for the coal industry, protect Pennsylvania jobs and keep the lights on throughout the Commonwealth.

Energy demand is growing exponentially both here and abroad. Rhetoric is now meeting reality as grid operators and energy officials are warning that our electricity supply is becoming unreliable and, as a result, large parts of the country face the risk of rolling blackouts. The U.S. electrical grid has failed five times in the past eleven years due to winter storms alone. Now is the time to act before it is too late. We need to face the coal hard truth.”