Longwall Panel #76 Moved Successfully

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Our team recently made the long awaited move of the longwall to panel 76. Formerly operating in the Oak Forest District, panel 76 will be the first panel in the West Greene District. This milestone marks a significant step forward for Cumberland Mine, as the market had formerly expected Cumberland Mine to close at the end of 2022. Rather, the expansion into this new district confirms Iron Senergy’s commitment to our team, partners and the community, emphasizing the longevity of our operation and securing our place in the future of the U.S. energy supply chain.

One major project that directly supported the expansion into the West Greene District was the completion of our #9 bleeder shaft, providing the needed ventilation to the operation. The nearly $10 million project ensured we had the proper ventilation system in place to ensure a safe, healthy and optimal work environment for our miners, as well as to control the air flow within the operation to maintain the optimal performance of the equipment.

This type of achievement is not possible without absolute dedication, daily focus on continuous improvement, willingness to engage all ranks of our team, and the courage to admit failure and seek input regardless of the source. From all of us at Iron Senergy, we would like to commend the combined efforts of our team, showcasing their tenacity, determination and teamwork to achieve this milestone. Job well done – but also know, we are just getting started!