Paws for a Cause: Employee-Driven Mission to Aid Veterans

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In a recent demonstration of our commitment to community and compassion, Carol Zuchowski, our dedicated Human Resources Generalist at Iron Senergy, took the lead in our latest Iron Impact initiative. Carol, a veteran herself, chose to direct our efforts towards PA Vet Pets, making a substantial $6,760 donation on behalf of our organization.

This decision was not merely about financial contribution; it was a sincere and personal choice deeply rooted in connection and understanding. Carol shares, “Being a veteran, I wholeheartedly chose this charity because of it. Dealing with PTSD, I had a friend in the service who tragically took their own life. There was a desperate attempt to seek help, but the system seemed too busy to respond. Witnessing Omar and Vet Pets extending a helping hand to anyone in need, it became paramount for me to choose them when given the opportunity by the company owner.”

To raise funds for this impactful initiative, Iron Senergy organized a 50/50 drawing exclusively for our employees. Through their generous contributions, we not only met but exceeded our fundraising goal, allowing us to make a significant impact on the lives of veterans in need.

VetPets of Southwestern Pennsylvania, a veteran-operated nonprofit, is dedicated to providing therapy dogs and service dogs to veterans and first responders facing challenges. Their firm belief in the transformative power of the human-animal bond drives their mission to reduce the rate of suicide and enhance communication for those silently grappling with the invisible wounds of war and workplace trauma.

This donation from Iron Senergy serves as a testament to our commitment to making a positive impact in areas that matter. We commend Carol Zuchowski for her thoughtful selection, embodying the values that define Iron Senergy – empathy, community support, and a dedication to making a difference.


VetPets of Southwestern Pennsylvania is a family-owned, veteran-operated nonprofit organization dedicated to helping returning heroes find emotional support, hands-on therapy dog programs, and hands-on service dog programs. Providing Animal-Assisted-Therapeutic Activities (AATA), their services offer life-changing health benefits, including reducing depression and anxiety commonly associated with PTSD. To learn more about PA VetPets or to see how you can get involved, we encourage you to visit their website at PAVetPets.org.